What’s StreamMerch plugin?

The StreamMerch plugin" posts Alerts to your Twitch or Youtube stream every time a fan purchases a product in your StreamMerch shop and successfully completes the posting requirements thereafter. As the plugin is connected to your Streamlabs account, Alerts are triggered like your other donation and subscription Alerts.

Tell me how to set up the whole thing.

It’s simple:

  1. Sign up here
  2. Complete the set-up process
  3. Share your Shop Link and enjoy the incoming Alerts.

Why do I have to authorize the plugin for my Streamlabs account?

Please authorize the StreamMerch plugin to access your Streamlabs custom alerts and display alerts in your stream. The StreamMerch plugin will only post alerts when a customer orders at your StreamMerch shop and successfully completes the posting requirements.

Does the plugin work with Twitch and Youtube?

The "StreamMerch plugin” works right now with Streamlabs.

I don’t use Streamlabs – can I use the plugin?

Currently the plugin only works with Streamlabs. However, please drop us a line (friends@pixelcotton.com), which tool you are using.

I’m unsure if I did everything right – is there a way to check it?

check if you successfully authorized the "StreamMerch plugin", please

  • Login to your Streamlabs account
  • Click on the dropdown menu on the top right and choose “API settings”
  • Check, if the slider “Connected Apps” is selected., it usually is by default
  • In case “StreamMerch” turns up in the list, everything is set up correctly

Is it possible to customize the Alert?>

The Alert is a composition of an animated Shirt gif, the Twitch username & a message of your fan who ordered. The size, color, font and position of the Alert is defined by your default Alert settings within your Streamlabs account.

Is there a preview option how the Alert looks like with my settings?

Currently we do not offer a preview. The only way for you to see the alert is to place an order in your shop (IMPORTANT: please cancel the order immediately afterwards, if you don’t need a product right now).

How does it work for my fans?

Your fans purchase the product in your StreamMerch shop. Thereafter they will be automatically redirected to a page to provide their Twitch username and the message to you. After they hit the “post” button, the Alert will appear in your stream within the next 3 minutes. If there are other Alerts popping up or you are offline, the Alert will get queued.

How to earn money?

There are three ways to earn money: the design price, the Affiliate Commission, as well as the Volume Commission resulting from more sales. The credit you accumulate by selling designs and products will be paid out to you according to our Terms and Conditions. More information about payments to you can be found here.

Design price

You set the design price on your uploaded designs. This is calculated into the total price the customer pays in your Shop. The design price is credited to your account each time the design is sold.

Affiliate Commission

We credit a Shop Owner’s account with the Affiliate Commission for every item sold. The Affiliate Commission amounts to 20% of the revenue consisting of product price plus print price.You don’t need to do anything to receive the Affiliate Commission. Since most of our Shop Owners want to make money with selling designs, we’ve switched on the setting for you to receive the Affiliate Commission.

Volume Commission

Depending on sales, we pay Shop owners a Volume Commission if at least 26 of their products are sold in one month. This applies to all sales on which you also receive Affiliate Commission. This table shows you that, depending on the number of products sold, in addition to Affiliate Commission your account will be credited with 0.5% to 40% of the product prices and printing costs from sales made in your Shop (minus taxes and any discounts). Important: Your payment may be subject withholding taxes. More on this in the help article Taxation of your income.

When do I get paid?

We balance accounts with you once a month for all Shop sales and Volume Commission earnings. We usually process the accounts for your earnings (generated in the previous month) by the end of the third week of the current month. At this point, you will be notified by email. As a rule - and depending on bank handling times - you should have received your money by the end of the month. There is a minimum amount that must be accrued to receive a payout, which is based on the currency used in the shop. If your currency is USD, a minimum balance of at least $10 in earnings is required for payout.

Where do you send my earnings?

To receive your payouts, add your payout details under Dashboard > My Data > Bank details / Payment data& tax status so that we can pay you. There are two payment options: direct deposit to a US Bank account or a PayPal transfer. Direct deposit only allows us to transfer earnings in US dollars. Using PayPal allows us to transfer in any currency. If you have specified a PayPal account, payout will be made in the currency of your shop.

Who is behind the StreamMerch plugin?

  • PIXELCOTTON is the premier gaming merch platform dedicated to the gamer lifestyle. Backed by Print-On-Demand giant Spreadshirt and 15+ years of ecommerce merchandising experience, PIXELCOTTON has launched a full-scale attack on the gaming gear industry in 2016.
  • Casual gamer or everyday grinder, gaming enthusiasts from all over the world can find the newest gamer fashions, unlock exclusive gear through in-game achievements, and get their hands on the latest game-inspired fan art. PIXELCOTTON is taking gamers to the next level by providing them with gear that literally puts them into the game.
  • PIXELCOTTON has marketing and sales offices in both the US and Europe, and production facilities are strategically located around the world to better serve gamers on a global scale.
PIXELCOTTON has marketing and sales offices in both the US and Europe, and production facilities are strategically located around the world to better serve gamers on a global scale.
  • Homepage: https://www.pixelcotton.com
  • Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-QDB6MRacD1OxpRKcMu8Cw
  • Contact us: friends@pixelcotton.com

Is it possible to change the shop name?

No, the shop url will always be shop.pixelcotton.com/YourChannelName.

Is there something else I can customize beside the shop header?

No, but we are working on some cool new features. When uploading a header image, it must meet the following criteria: dimensions 1200px X 300px, file type: .png. If you don’t set a custom header, a default image will be displayed.

Can I add more than one product to the shop at a time?


Do you offer any options to scale or move the design?

No, each design is automatically centered with a standardized scaling on the product’s front.

Can I add more than one design to a product?


What happens to the old product, when I create a new?

Once you’ve created a new product, the old one will be no longer accessible. In case you want to offer the earlier design again, simply run the product creation process with this design.

Do you offer any other product beside the t-shirt?

Knowing the struggle of having to set up a fully equipped store, we’ve decided to keep it simple. Therefore, your merchandise offer will be a high quality Spreadshirt men’s and women’s shirt. Be sure, we collect your feedback and might offer more options at some point.

What’s important when uploadinga design file?

A pixel graphic is a computer graphic in which the image is represented by raster forms made up of pixels (points of color). Each pixel represents one color. When a pixel graphic is enlarged, the individual pixels are also enlarged. Therefore, the more the image is enlarged, the more it will look coarse, angular or "pixellated”. Please use the guidelines:

  • File format: .png (recommended), .jpg, .bmp, or .gif
  • Maximum file size: 10 MB
  • Size: min. 50x50 pixels, max. 4000x4000 pixels
  • Quality: cleanly isolated, not pixelated, sharp edges
  • Resolution: 200 dpi (thermal sublimation: 400 dpi)
  • Colors: unlimited colors, color gradients possible
  • Printing type: Digital printing
Photos or graphics in PNG, JPG, GIF or BMP formats consist of pixels (picture elements) arranged in grid form, each of which is assigned multiple color information. The number of pixels in width and height also later determines the size of the print. We print textiles at 200 dpi. The abbreviation dpi stands for dots per inch, and this provides information on the density of the picture elements. A graphic that is 1000 pixels wide, for example, produces a design 5 inches wide when printed at 200 dpi. A 2000 pixel-wide graphic produces a 10 inch-wide design, etc. A design with a low pixel width or height (for example, 800 x 600 pixels) cannot therefore be easily enlarged without loss of quality (for example to 4.7 x 4 inches or more). Because of the "missing" pixels, the print would probably look blurry and out of focus. So only upload designs with sufficient resolution and number of pixels. We recommend 200 dpi and a maximum of 4000 x 4000 pixels, so as not to exceed the maximum file size of 10 MB.

Why does the print on the shirt looks different?

Differences in colors: monitor vs. t-shirt. Colors may look different on the printed item than they appear on your monitor. This may be due to different reasons:

  • To print pixel designs, we need to render the color scheme from RGB to CMYK and make color corrections if necessary. This may lead to slight color variations.
  • Every screen displays colors differently. A combination of brightness, contrast and saturation can change color effects significantly.
  • The color of the fabrics has an effect on the print result. The example below illustrates how different colors come out on white, black and different-colored fabrics.